Monday, November 25, 2013

App's for iPad and Android tablets

Here are some App’s you might be interested in for the Kitchen & Bath Industry.

Most of these will work with iPad or Android tablets.

Magic Plan app from Sensopia for the iPad/iPhone/Android exports and integrates the drawing with 20-20 Design Version 10.  You create your account under File, Preferences, Magic Plan link.  You login to that account in Magic Plan.  Create your layout and choose Export in Magic Plan.  Pick the 20-20 Design option and it sends the drawing to your 20-20 Design computer.  Open the drawing and start selling your job!  Senopia does charge for the Export.
See Sensopia information here:             .
See MagicPlan in action here:

My Measures Pro - take job site photos and annotate
Quickoffice - open and edit Microsoft Office files
Evernote - shares notes between all your devices
Dropbox - share files between all of your devices (see my blog on this)
My Sketch - take a jpg and do many type of charcoal sketches
NKBA Guidelines
MSI Brochure
Behr paint

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What is Dropbox and how can it be used for my kitchen design business? 

Cloud computing is all the rage these days. Taking advantage of the use of Cloud storage products can simplify how you get a kitchen design, document or picture (20-20 Rendering) from your desktop computer to your notebook or in this day in age, your phone or tablet. It can also allow you to share a folder location where you saved your kitchen files. You can point to that location in 20-20 Design, by clicking on FILE, PREFERENCES, FILE PATHS. The ALL DESIGN FILES location is where all of your kitchen designs are stored. What I am suggesting is that you use Dropbox as your shared storage product, as a simple way to backup all of your Design files and any other files that you want to access from multiple devices or locations. 

So, what is Dropbox. 

Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere. This means that any file you save to your Dropbox will automatically save to all your computers, phones, tablets and even the Dropbox website. Think of Dropbox as an online internet based flash drive.

Dropbox also makes it super easy to share with others. You create a sub-folder within your Dropbox folder and share the contents with someone else. An example of how I use this as a 20-20 Catalog Creator: when I generate the zip file for a catalog, I store it in a folder that I currently share with the IT coordinator at the cabinet manufacturers location. The catalog automatically synchronizes to the folder on his computer and he gets a notification of a new file. He then moves the catalog to their download space for their customers to access. 

Sign-up by clicking on the Dropbox icon on the home page of my website and get 2 GB of storage free.   Because you are using my link, you will get 500 MB of additional storage free.

This process will reverse too. Pictures you take from you phone or tablet can automatically synchronize with your office or laptop computer. 

Have a computer at the Office and at Home where you are using 20-20 Design on both?  Save your kitchen design in the Dropbox folder on your computer at the office.  Take your 20-20 device key home with you, start 20-20 Design on your home computer.  Open your design at home to work on it, when you save the changes, the file will synchronize to your computer at the office.  When you get to the office in the morning you are ready to go with your presentation.

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