Thursday, August 27, 2009

2020 Design Software Products & Specialty catalogs

Micro/Main Inc sells and provides training seminars for

20-20 Kitchen and Bath Design

Our company has been affiliated with the 20-20 family of Design products since 1990.

We provide catalog services for Cabinet Manufacturers who would like to sell their lines of products through cabinet dealers and distributors. We have been 2020 CCC's (Certified Catalog Creators) since 1995.
See our website at for
  • Software information and brochures
  • Training seminar dates
  • Hardware specifications
  • Call for computer hardware recommendations 412-673-5557

Specialty 3D partner catalogs are available free of charge through the 20-20 support website The 3D shaped items in these catalogs can be integrated into your 2020 Designs. You must be on support to have access to free catalogs:

Contact Tom Bachorski
, 20-20 Authorized Industry Consultant
Micro/Main Inc


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